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GRCTV Panel Discussion: Risk Quantification: You Are What You Measure 

Risk Quantification can be both an enticing and intimidating exercise for a business to pursue. How does an organization get from point A to point B (and back again) to score and value risk? In this session, we’ll take a back-to-basics approach to break down the concept of risk, contrast this understanding with some of the modern applications of risk in business, and discuss how people across your organization may interpret the meaning of risk.

We’ll diagnose some of the common pitfall’s companies fall into and identify perspectives to help account for variables that do not have defined parameters when understanding risk.

GRCTV In Conversation With: Jon von Tetzchner on on Surveillance Adverti

Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner is CEO and co-founder of web browser company Vivaldi Technologies and former CEO of Opera Software.

Privacy is at the core of Vivaldi browser and Stephenson von Tetzchner has long called for a ban on the tracking activities of companies like Google and Facebook.

Last week, Vivaldi announced its support for a campaign against so-called “surveillance advertising”, where advertisers and tech firms are based on the tracking of people’s online and real-world activity.

The campaign, endorsed by tech firms including ProtonMail, Startpage, and DuckDuckGo, calls on US and EU lawmakers to “stop the invasive and privacy-hostile practices” that “harm consumers and businesses and can undermine the cornerstones of democracy

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