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Our in-person events and livestream experiences provide learning, networking and benchmarking opportunities to governance, risk and compliance professionals.

  • For viewers, attendees and readers our content provides invaluable insight and analysis.
  • For vendors we optimise every stage of the ‘marketing funnel’
  • For speakers & contributors we provide a platform and global audience. 

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Typically, there are three stages of technology buying:

  • Early stage: gathering budgets and requirements for a potential purchase
  • Mid stage: starting to evaluate different solutions for purchase
  • Late stage: determining what to purchase from a shortlist 

GRC World Forums brings together thought leaders, subject matter experts, technology buyers, influencers & vendors at all stages of the buying cycle.


In-person events, livestream experiences, reports, webinars

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In-person events, livestream experiences, reports, webinars

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In-person events, livestream experiences, reports, webinars

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“The variety of the speakers and the informality of them working from their homes made me feel more connected to each of the speakers. Great choice of subject.”

Delegate, April 30th 2020

“It’s very reassuring to go to this event and get the feeling that through the world we are all facing similar challenges. And a great opportunity to see the solutions that are being

Data Protection Officer (Healthcare Provider)

“This was a breath of fresh air. No aggressive sales pitches, really enjoyable atmosphere, and lots of opportunities to drop in and out of presentations.

Varied content, short and informative presentations and most of all not a ridiculous early start.”

Data Governance Manager (Retail Bank)

“I think there is no doubt that privacy is crucial for people, and the event brought together representatives from a range of disciplines, companies big and small, academics, vendors and regulators to provide a broad discussions across the data protection and privacy spectrum during a time when there is growth and tightening of global privacy laws.”

Group Data Protection Officer (Insurance Provider)