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Privacy Intelligence in Data Protection and Privacy - Explore the latest analysis, insights and guidance to help ensure your compliance program incorporates the latest developments in the world of privacy.


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    PICCASO Privacy Award for Achievement​: A Look at the Shortlist


    The PICCASO Privacy Awards will celebrate data protection and privacy excellence in all its forms: from the “Rising Star” award, which recognises the most talented professionals entering the industry, to the “Privacy Award for Achievement”, which will go to a veteran of the sector.

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    Celebrating Data Protection Writers and Academics at the PICCASO Privacy Awards


    The PICCASO Privacy Awards will recognise the companies and privacy professionals working hard to protect personal data. The programme includes awards for the UK’s best privacy programme, best privacy executive, and outstanding data protection officer, among many more.

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    Privacy: Regional Focus with Exterro


    Privacy: Regional Focus with Exterro is a one-day livestream event, taking place on 23rd November 2022, untangling the global privacy landscape, focusing in on seven key regions.

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