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    Looking Ahead: The Landscape of Data Privacy Legislation in 2022


    Throughout the world several countries have begun to take a stronger approach to data privacy and security by enacting legislation pertaining to digital marketing and what organizations must do to ensure that consumer data is protected.

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    Data Protection in Southern Europe


    This report provides analysis of data protection and enforcement trends across the following Southern European countries:

  • The Splintering of Global Data Flows- Is the ‘Risk-Based Approach’ Dead?.jp


    The Splintering of Global Data Flows: Is the ‘Risk-Based Approach’ Dead?


    To combat foreign government surveillance, European data protection regulators are taking an increasingly hardline stance on GDPR enforcement that could drastically change the internet. Some argue that a more pragmatic, “risk-based approach” could help avoid severe disruption. But a recent decision against Google suggests those people are losing the debate.

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