GRCTV provide’s our community with the latest sector developments, insights into the minds of industry leaders, visionaries, government officials and academics, plus provide access to exclusive content that will address both the wider social impacts and the impacts on organisations and businesses around the globe.

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GRCTV is hosted by Joe Tidy, BBC News Cybersecurity Correspondent and feature’s monthly segments from Nina Schick, Author of Deepfakes and Oliver Bullough, Author of Moneyland plus weekly guests from all corners of governance, risk and compliance (GRC).

Join us weekly on GRCTV to deep dive into the latest developments in governance, risk and compliance. GRCTV will be broadcasted weekly on a Tuesday 4pm-6pm (GMT).

Commentary on the latest news

Presented by Joe Tidy of BBC News, Joe will round up the weeks latest new stories from the world of governance, risk and compliance. Joe will keep your finger on the pulse of all the latest and greatest news stories of the week. 

In Conversation With

A  weekly segment of GRCTV where our guest host is joined for an hour-long discussion designed to deep-dive into an array of unique, interesting and eye-opening conversations.

Panel Discussion

Joe Tidy will host a 45-minute panel discussion that explores a dedicated topic in line with the weeks theme, Joe will be joined by 3-4 leaders of industry as they share their knowledge and experience.

Upcoming Episode

GRC TV - the cyber fraud epidemic & app store scams.png

Join GRC TV as we delve into how the pandemic created a cyber fraud epidemic and we chat with the man poking holes in Apple’s app store and the multi-million dollar scams operating on within the app store.  

GRCTV is free to watch, and you can view the next episode on Tuesday 3rd August at 16:00 by returning to this page, to make sure you don’t miss the episode, use the calendar button below. 

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 Episode Date On Demand

 GRC TV: Data Protection & Privacy

25 May 2021

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 GRC TV: AI & Synthetic Media

1 June 2021

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 GRC TV: Kleptocracy & Virtual Assets

8 June 2021

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 GRC TV: Trust & Transparency

15 June 2021

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 GRC TV: Live from PrivSec Global

23 June 2021

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 GRC TV: The Future Of Warfare & Cyber Threats

29 June 2021

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GRC TV: Financial Crime

6 July 2021

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 GRC TV: Risk Quantification and Surveillance Advertising

13 July 2021

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 GRC TV: Incident Response & lessons for success

20 July 2021

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GRC TV: Kabir Barday, CEO of the fastest growing company in America, OneTrust in conversation for GRCTV

 20 July 2021

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GRC TV: How to succeed as a security leader & the top security considerations in a digital nomad era

 27 July 2021

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GRC TV: The cyber fraud epidemic and the app store scams investigation

3 August 2021 @ 16:00


GRC TV: Safeguarding against information warfare & state surveillance and the limits on government power

 10 August 2021 @ 16:00


Themes and Topics

GRCTV will be influenced by current affairs, and each will aim to provide topical insights on the latest developments.

Our longer form conversation and panel discussions address prominent issues from GRC, while our longer form conversations will address impacts on society and the world as a whole, our panel discussions will focus on the effects on professional organisations.

 GRC TV Themes & Topics  

 Integrated Risk Management

Financial Crime


 Third Party Management

Regulatory Challenges

Synthetic Media

 Operational Resilience

Building a best-in-class GRC division/department

Media Manipulation 


Building a GRC Culture

National Security and State-led Espionage 


Automation in GRC

Information Ecosystem

 Reputational risk

Effective controlling and monitoring

Disinformation vs Misinformation 

 Enterprise Legal Management

GRC as a business enabler



An outlook from the c-suite of GRC

Grand Corruption

 Data Protection

Consumer protection

Anti-corruption in Developing Nations

 Cyber Security

Anti-Bribery Risk Assessments


 Business Continuity

Change management

Law Enforecement

Joe Tidy

Introducing Joe Tidy

Cybersecurity Correspondent for BBC News and Host of GRCTV

You may recognise Joe Tidy from BBC News, Joe is often featured reporting on all things technology and cyber security related for one of the world’s leading news channels.

Joe Tidy was the BBC’s first dedicated Cyber-security Reporter working on investigations for international and home news outlets. He covers cyber crime, hacking, privacy, data security, online safety and gaming.

Joe has built a reputation for investigating the darker sides of the internet and how technology affects the way people live. He is known for tracking down and speaking directly to hackers and criminals who are responsible for some of the biggest cyber incidents of recent times.

Joe previously worked for Sky News, and is also the anchor for GRC World Forum’s leading data protection, privacy and security event series PrivSec Global. 

Joe is GRCTV’s weekly host and will be reporting the latest news, as well as moderating discussions and debates on all things governance, risk and compliance.

Nina Schick

Introducing Nina Schick

Author of Deepfakes and Host of In Conversation With

A political broadcaster and author, Nina specialises in how technology and artificial intelligence are reshaping politics and society.

Nina has worked on the frontline of seismic political events over the last decade. This includes her work on Brexit; the EU’s migrant crisis; Emmanuel Macron’s Presidential campaign; election interference (including in the 2016 and 2020 US elections), and on the evolution of disinformation.

Nina has advised a group of global leaders including Joe Biden, the former Vice President of the United States, and Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the former Secretary General of NATO, on AI generated synthetic media in the form of deepfakes.

Nina will host conversations on, Deep fakes, Synthetic Media, Media manipulation, National security, State led espionage, Infocaplyse - the increasingly dangerous and untrustworthy information ecosytem , Disinformation vs misinformation, Global information disorder, Geopolitics and AI.

Oliver Bullough

Introducing Oliver Bullough

Author of Moneyland and Host of In Conversation With

Oliver Bullough is a journalist and author from Wales who moved in 1999 to Russia. He worked first for local newspapers in St Petersburg and Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan), then for Reuters. He stayed in Moscow, mainly reporting on the war in Chechnya, until 2006. Oliver has written and published three books;

Let Our Fame be Great, The Last Man in Russia and Moneyland, and tells the story of how the world’s super-rich have broken free of democratic control, and formed their own nomadic global community. Moneyland has had international acclaim and is a Sunday Times Bestseller, as well an Economist, Times and Daily Mail book of the year.

Oliver will host conversations on Kleptocracy, Grand corruption, Combating financial crime, Reform of financial crime, Non-financial ways that money is moved, Anti-corruption in developing nations, Insights into law enforcement and ex-law enforcements battle against financial crime, Cryptocurrency and fine art/property as a means to launder and move money.