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In Conversation with: Oliver Bullough and Roman Borisovich on Kleptocracy: What and Why?

Kleptocracy is to the 21st century, what communism was to the 20th century. It is the great rival to democracy, a system of corrupt authoritarianism that combines thuggishness that would have been familiar to the Victorians, with offshore wizardry that only a handful of financial engineers can understand.

An ever-greater share of the world’s countries are sliding into kleptocracy, and everyone needs to understand what that means. In this first talk, Roman Borisovich – banker, insurance executive, anti-corruption activist, and hidden camera investigator – guides us through the best known of all the kleptocracies: Russia, the land of his birth. 

Panel Discussion: Virtual assets and digital currencies - are they really the financial crime risk some say?

Join Joe Tidy of BBC News, and our panel of experts as they explore the risks behind virtual assets and digital currencies. 

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