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In Conversation with Victor Gevers:

Security hacker behind the Donald Trump 2020 Twitter hack, Cyber-security researcher, Chairman of the Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure, Researcher at GDI foundation

Panel Discussion: Trust and Transparency in a Digital World

At all levels of society, the foundations of trust are being tested like never before. Under siege by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, people are questioning the trustworthiness of hallowed institutions, from governments and law enforcement agencies to scientific research organisations, media outlets and schools.

Enterprises are acutely aware more than ever that they are not immune to the prevailing wave of distrust. Now, perhaps more than ever before, businesses in every industry are looking at trustworthiness as a competitive differentiator.

But what does the future of trust look like in a marketplace where digital data – its collection, representation, analysis and application – increasingly drives business models?

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