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In Conversation With: Nina Schick & Special Guests on Synthetic Media 

We are at the cusp of an AI-led ‘synthetic media’ revolution that is going to change the future of all human communication and perception. Recent advances in artificial intelligence mean that, increasingly, all media (including images, video and audio) will be generated by AI.

This type of ‘synthetic’ or fake content, more colloquially known as ‘deepfakes,’  is already being used to rewrite the future of all communication. However, it is also being weaponised as a potent form of disinformation. As the technology rapidly improves, the future is becoming synthetic.

Nina Schick explores the risks and opportunities of the Synthetic Future with Victor Riparbelli, a tech-entrepreneur and CEO of Synthesia; and Henry Ajder, a leading deepfake researcher.

Panel Discussion: Is the cat out the bag with AI? 

Join Joe Tidy and a panel of experts as they discuss the recent developments in AI regulation, and what’s to come. 

In light of the recent leak of a potential regulation to govern European organisations use of AI, and with the news from the united states that the FTC are going to becoming firmer with their regulation of AI, to ensure there is truth, fairness and equity in the use of AI - GRCTV is bringing together a panel of experts. 

Our experts will discuss what a regulation such as AIPR would mean for organisations, the current landscape and challenges for organisations when using AI and what the future looks like.

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