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GRC TV Episode 1 Panel

Fireside Chat with Carissa Véliz, Author of Privacy is Power 

Join Joe Tidy, as he sits down with Carissa Véliz, Author of Privacy is Power and Associate Professor at University Oxford for a conversation on the current landscape of privacy and how the public can regain power of their data from big tech and the government - and why that’s so important to do. 

Panel Discussion on Data Protection & Privacy by Design

Join Joe Tidy of BBC News, and our panel of experts as they explore Data Protection & Privacy by Design. 

Joining Joe is the creator of Privacy & Security by Design, Dr Ann Cavoukian, who also served as Information and Privacy Commissioner for the Canadian province of Ontario. In addition, we welcome industry leaders to join the discussion on how data protection & privacy by design has evolved and where it needs to go next.

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