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  • #RISK

    About #RISK


    Europe’s Leading Risk Focused EXPO – November 16 & 17, ExCeL, London – “Risk is now everyone’s business”.

  • PrivSec New York

    PrivSec New York 2022


    PrivSec New York 2022 is where privacy and security meet for an intensive two-day conference on 7th & 8th November, Javits Center, New York. 

  • PrivSec Roadshow

    PrivSec US Roadshow


    The PrivSec Roadshow will visit four privacy hotspots across the United States with a series of events designed to help privacy and security professionals understand the state of play in their region and beyond.

  • privsecfocus-enterprise risk

    PrivSec Focus: Enterprise Risk


    PrivSec Focus: Enterprise Risk will bring together thought leaders and industry experts in enterprise risk to explore how your business can better protect itself against ever-changing and unpredictable threats.

  • ESG For Directors and officers hero cropped

    ESG for Directors & Officers


    Boards of Directors must have a responsibility for environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics and be proactive in assessing their ESG reporting practices.

  • FinCrime Focus Anti-Money Laundering hero image

    FinCrime Focus: Anti-Money Laundering is a one-day livestream event


    Regulators and legislators have been requiring banks to detect and prevent money-laundering for many years. But in recent decades, financial institutions have faced unprecedented regulatory pressure to implement robust and effective anti-money laundering (AML) procedures.

  • gdpr 4 years on

    PrivSec Focus: GDPR Four Years On


    Four years on from the coming into effect of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it’s time to take stock: Has the GDPR truly improved data protection? How have organisations implemented the law’s requirements? And what questions remain unanswered after nearly half a decade of GDPR?

  • privsec focus third-party risk

    PrivSec Third-Party Risk is a one-day livestream event

    As businesses grow more connected to—and dependent on—an expanding network of third parties, third-party risk management (TPRM) is more important than ever.

  • Privsec risk in focus

    PrivSec Risk In Focus, a partnership between PrivSec and Microsoft Security

    Recent years have focused minds on the crucial importance of risk management. Risk has arisen on so many fronts, including the unprecedented upheaval brought about by the pandemic, the increasing importance of environmental and social issues, and now the previously unthinkable war in Europe.

  • FinCrime Focus Sanctions hero image

    FinCrime Focus: Sanctions is a one-day livestream event

    The use of unilateral and multilateral sanctions continues to rise in international relations and fast-changing, far-reaching laws, regulations, and multinational initiatives are transforming the sanctions field on a regular basis meaning organisations need to be at the top of their game.

  • ESG For Directors and officers hero cropped

    ESG for Directors & Officers to bring guidance at crucial time for ESG policymakers


    On 28th April, ESG for Directors & Officers will explore the key issues driving ESG (environmental, social, and governance) at a time when global communities seek to recover from a period of unprecedented disruption.

  • Risk London hero

    #RISK London

    Our flagship event series #RISK is where the whole ‘risk’ community comes together to meet, debate, and learn, to break down silos and improve decision-making.

  • PrivSec China March 2022

    PrivSec China: A Livestream Experience

    PrivSec China is a livestream experience welcoming senior professionals and experts to explore Chinese privacy and security law.

  • PrivSec MENA

    PrivSec MENA: A one-day deep-dive in-person forum


    PrivSec MENA is a one-day in-person forum taking place on 13 September 2022 at The Atlantis Hotel, Dubai.

  • PrivSec Miami

    PrivSec Miami: A one-day in-person forum


    PrivSec Miami is a one-day in-person forum taking place on 22 September 2022 at the Loews Hotel, South Beach, Miami.

  • PrivSec South Africa

    PrivSec South Africa: A one-day livestream experience


    PrivSec South Africa will take place via livestream on 18 January 2022.

  • GRC Team of the Year Awards

    GRC Team of the Year: Shining a light on Governance, Risk & Compliance


    The GRC Team of the Year Awards celebrates the expertise and diligence of governance, risk and compliance departments and organizations. 

  • Insurtech Accelerate

    Insurtech Accelerate: The future of Insurtech


    The insurance industry is having to adapt and change, incumbents are accelerating their digital transformation but disruptors have been finding a way in and business is at risk to innovators.

  • ESG Global March 2022

    ESG Global: A Global Livestream Experience


    Join ESG Global on the 8th March 2022 and ensure your organisation has the latest advice, guidance and strategies for your ESG programme.

  • PrivSec LATAM

    PrivSec LATAM: A Livestream Experience


    PrivSec LATAM will welcome senior decision makers from across Latin America seeking the latest advice, guidance and information from subject matter experts, industry leaders and academics focusing on both practical and ethical issues.