A pair of lawsuits have been filed against US telecom T-Mobile following a cyber-attack affecting more than 53m customers and prospective customers.

One of the actions, Espanoza v T-Mobile USA, accuses the company of putting plaintiffs and class-action members at considerable risk by not adequately protecting them as a result of negligent conduct.

The complaint alleges data thieves can fraudulently apply for unemployment and other benefits, open financial accounts, take out loans, obtain driver’s licenses and commit other crimes in T-Mobile customers’ names, FOXBusiness news reported.

In the other lawsuit, Durwalla v T-Mobile USA, victims are said to have already spent as much as 1,000 hours addressing privacy concerns stemming from the attack earlier this month, including reviewing financial and credit statements for evidence of unauthorised activity.

The lawsuits seek compensatory damages, reimbursement of out-of-pocket costs for the efforts to repair any damage from the fraud and improvements to T-Mobile’s data security systems, among other actions.

In a 20 August update, the company said it has worked around the clock on the forensic analysis and investigation into the cyber-attack against its systems and taken measures to protect customers and others whose information may have been exposed.

“Our investigation is ongoing and will continue for some time, but at this point, we are confident that we have closed off the access and egress points the bad actor used in the attack,” it added.

Among customer support it is providing are two years of free identity protection services and recommending eligible customers sign up for free scam-blocking protection


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