Users of Kaspersky Lab in Germany have been issued with warnings about the technology’s safety by Germany’s cyber security agency, the BSI, which says the Moscow-based antivirus software may be at serious risk of cyberattack.

anti-virus software

Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security, the BSI, stated that Kaspersky Lab cybersecurity solutions could fall victim to Russian government agents seeking to break into foreign IT infrastructures.

Bad actors associated with Russia may also aim to secretly take advantage of the technology to execute cyber-strikes without Kaspersky Lab’s knowledge.

In response, Kaspersky has said that as a privately-managed entity, it has no links to the Kremlin. It has underlined that the BSI advisory message comes for political reasons, stating that it is in dialogue with the BSI to gain greater clarity on the communications being made.

The guidance comes from Germany’s cyber security experts as Putin continues to push into Ukraine, with Russian military forces building on the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv.

The BSI sent out a further warning to German private enterprises and government institutions whose critical systems may be seen as prime targets for hackers.

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