Chief Information Officer

Tony Batalla

I once heard a story about a kid in the sixth grade who figured out that he could make money selling snacks at school. He’d buy chips, soda, chocolate bars and candy at the corner store and then sell them to other students at lunch time for a profit. He would even make menus in the morning with “dynamic” pricing. However, when the principal found out, he was suspended for exhibiting “problem behavior.” Well, a lot has changed since then. Today, we’d hopefully recognize and encourage that as “entrepreneurial behavior.” That kid, by the way, was me. And, I’ve never stopped being entrepreneurial. In 2002 I built an eBay sports memorabilia Power Seller that grossed >$1mm over four years and became a leader in its category. Along the way I developed IT skills that translated into a meaningful, fulfilling career. Becoming an IT professional was a natural fit for me. My ingenuity, creativity, and drive to be the best pushed me to find innovative, cutting edge (and cool) technologies. But as I climbed the ladder, and problems grew more complex, I came to learn that applying technology that makes businesses better is far more difficult than simply implementing business technology. It’s as much about psychology as it is technology; mental flow as much as work flow. It’s about change management and requires vision, strategy, and operational precision. But most importantly, it’s about leadership. I’ve spent years researching, studying, and practicing it and am always open to connections, discussions, and opportunities where I learn more. My specialties include: IT management, leadership, innovation, technology, cloud computing, IT strategy, the CIO / CTO roles, IT governance, process management, project management, building successful business relationships and partnerships, and team building. Header Photo: “Supermoon Skyline Panorama.” Wilson Lam. {WLQ Photography}I once heard a story about a kid in the sixth grade who figured out that he could make

Current Role

  • Company Name: City of Oakland
  • Job Title: Chief Information Officer
  • Start Date: May 2022
  • Company Industry: Government Administration
  • Location: San Francisco Bay Area



Previous Company:

  • Company Name:  County of Santa Cruz
  • Job Title:  Director of Information Services (CIO)
  • Start Date