We’re called Certa because we believe companies should work with the best certa-fied vendors. We’ll help you understand who you’re working with and along with their full risk, compliance, and ESG profiles.


It all lives on a no-code platform that provides deep insights and reinvigorates the entire third-party lifecycle management.

You can be confident working with partners who align with your company values.

True to you

We like you just the way you are. Our no-code platform doesn’t require you to change your processes if you don’t want to.

Embracing Efficiency

Inefficiency leads to wasted potential. Manual duct-taped processes have no place in the 21st century.

Innovation is our advantage

We are and aim to remain the most innovative product in our space. This is a competitive advantage for both of us.

Your success is priority

We will ensure your project and personal success. No compromises or nickel and diming.

DEI in our DNA

Certa enables businesses to partner with firms focused on women, minorities, and sustainability.