“How to be a Chief Sustainability Officer” launches Tuesday 25th June at London Climate Action Week.

Jenifer Geary

Jenifer Geary, Author of “How to be a Chief Risk Officer”

Co-authored by senior executive, Jennifer Geary, and sustainability expert, Anna Krotova, “How to be a Chief Sustainability Officer” guides new and prospective CSOs through the foundational work that will ensure they anchor sustainability within the core of an organisation, focus on impactful changes, while avoiding distraction and “greenwash.” 

Jennifer Geary leverages more than 25 years’ experience in finance, technology, risk and legal, across diverse industries from finance to not-for-profit. She has poured that deep and diverse experience into authoring a range of bestselling business books in her series “How to be a …”, which “How to be a Chief Sustainability Officer” is part of.

Anna Krotova has worked in sustainability since 2010. From working on the GRI Standards to holding corporate sustainability roles in private sector companies, Anna has helped organisations improve their sustainability practices, usher in impactful changes in company operations and culture, and encourage meaningful reflection around sustainability issues.

“How to be a Chief Sustainability Officer” deconstructs the CSO role, linking sustainability to three core areas of the business: culture, strategy, and execution. It guides the reader through seven technical areas that make up the full sustainability role, comprising impact measurement and materiality assessment, the development of sustainability policies, risk management, reporting, investor relations, and communications.

“How to be a Chief Sustainability Officer” also covers building out a sustainability team and leveraging technology, and looks to the future of this rapidly evolving area.

Key features:

  • Anthropological Insight: Delve into the human aspects of the CSO role and the organisational dynamics that surround it.
  • Comprehensive Resource: Access a thorough overview of the latest standards, policies, tools, and approaches for developing and executing a sustainability strategy.
  • Real-World Examples: Benefit from insights from current CSOs and senior sustainability leaders across various sectors and markets in the EU, UK, and US.
  • Practical Tools: Utilise chapter-specific checklists that synthesise key takeaways and provide easy-to-follow cheat sheets for immediate application.

Jennifer Geary said:

“There has never been a more critical need for effective CSOs. From dealing with the real issues of climate change, to complying with evermore complex and layered regulation, to addressing the backlash against sustainability and avoiding greenwash, we need the sustainability movement to thrive. We hope this book contributes in some small way to helping CSOs in their highly challenging mission.”

Live launch webinar

The launch aligns with a 3pm webinar that brings Jennifer and co-author, Anna Krotova, into discussion with Wineke Ploos van Amstel - Haagsma, CSO at PwC Netherlands, and Sharon McManus, Head of Sustainability at ESB Ireland. 

Debate topics:

Guest speakers’ career paths to CSO.

  • The E, S and G components of the role and how much effort gets devoted to each element.
  • The role climate action occupies as part of the CSO’s agenda.
  • The hardest things about being a CSO / what they wish they could tell their less-experienced selves.
  • What we can do, cross-company and cross-sector to have greater impact.

“How to be a Chief Sustainability Officer” will be on special discounted pricing to celebrate LCAW, so join the webinar to get the details.

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Don’t miss Jennifer Geary at #RISK London

Jennifer Geary

Jennifer Geary, anchor of the RegTech Theatre, #RISK London (9-10 October, ExCel)

This October, Jennifer Geary appears at #RISK London, as anchor of the RegTech (Regulation Technology) Theatre.

Across 9 and 10 October, the RegTech Theatre at #RISK London hosts an array of in-depth presentations, panel debates and keynotes exploring key industry issues, including:

  • Identity Verification and Management
  • Frictionless onboarding
  • Regulatory Compliance and Change Management
  • Regulatory Reporting and Case Management
  • Data Protection & Privacy
  • Risk Analysis and Management
  • Transaction Monitoring and Screening
  • Anti-Money Laundering Compliance and Detection
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention

…and much more!

Jennifer Geary said:

“The increasingly complex nature of regulation means that risk professionals cannot survive on hard work and good intentions alone – modern, agile technology to track, interpret and comply with regulation is now essential.

“I’m looking forward to hearing from experts across the full suite of regtech and helping the risk community make sense of this rapidly evolving area.”

Discover more at #RISK London

#RISK London 2024, ExCel

Taking place October 9 and 10 at London’s ExCel, #RISK London brings high-profile subject-matter experts together for a series of keynotes, engaging panel debates and presentations across four separate theatres:

• GRC Theatre

• RegTech Theatre

• PrivSec Theatre

• Risk Theatre

Each theatre is dedicated to examining the challenges and opportunities that businesses face in times of unprecedented change. By breaking down silos and aligning systems and workflows, organisations can streamline decision-making, improve efficiencies, and enhance the customer experience.

Attendees will be able to learn how to mitigate risks, reduce compliance breaches, and drive performance.

“#RISK is such an important event as it looks at the broad perspective. Risks are now more interconnected and the risk environment is bigger than ever before.”

- Michael Rasmussen, GRC Analyst & Pundit, GRC 20/20 Research

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#RISK London 2024, ExCel