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    Scams: Fuelling the Crypto Fire A presentation by Scott Johnson, Chainanalysis


    In its 2021 Crypto Crime Report, Chainanalysis, a leading blockchain analysis company, found that scams – ranging from Darknet market abuse, extortion, phishing to Ponzi schemes – continue to be the highest-grossing forms of cryptocurrency-based crime, bringing in around $2.7 billion to criminals. 

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    VC panel: 4 start-ups and a VC


    4 pre-seed funding start-ups will discuss the challenges and early successes of their companies, presenting their hopes and fears, with an established VC who can offer guidance and experience on the mountains and valleys ahead.

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    Will More Regulation Spoil Digital Transformation?


    Digital Transformation projects have had to be accellerated in 2020/1 due to Covid-19.  As this occurs, there are increasingly diverse and altering Data Protection regulations to take into account.  This session will explore these challanges, case studies and best practises offering insights in this important balance.

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    Retail: The Future of Consumer Data Protection


    The tech market is showing that it is getting more serious about consumer data privacy, with a new wave of privacy restrictions on the horizon. Apple’s announcement to adapt its “Identifier for Advertisers” mechanism sent shockwaves through Silicon Valley, rewriting and leaving gaps in the advertising ecosystem. This panel will discuss these gaps and how organisations handling consumer data can manage the emerging risks.

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    Data Masking panel: Improving Data Protection and Compliance


    This panel will explore the reasons why Data Masking is an important tool for enterprise organisations, from its solutions to multiple critical threats to allowing authorized users to share data without exposure.  It will discuss case studies, with high-end thought leaders offering their insights into the current technology, as well as forecasting the future of Data Masking’s relationship with Data Protection and Compliance.

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    Has Homomorphic Encryption Finally Reached Maturity?


    Fully Homomorphic Encryption may offer businesses the chance to draw value from data with it remaining encrypted, providing a potential solution to decreasing the amount of data compromised by cybercriminals. This panel discusses how close we are to practically integrating a disruptive technology like FHE to effectively manage cloud-based data without compromising privacy and security.

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    APAC Privacy Focus: When Will the Big Fines Begin to Happen?


    Between 2019 and 2020, a number of countries across Asia developed their Data Privacy Laws - Singapore, China, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Hong Kong and Japan.  With more regulations, come more fines.  Bigger fines. This session will explore some of these regulations, recent fines and the future.‍

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    Phishing Prevention Plans and Staying One Step Ahead of Cybercriminals


    According to the FBI, phishing was the most common type of cybercrime in 2020 and nearly doubled in frequency to 241,324 incidents last year. But why are criminals increasingly looking to phishing to carry out attacks. This panel will examine the phenomenon and look at what organisations and businesses can do to strengthen their defences.

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    Cloud Security: Best Practises in Managing Risk, Access and Visibility


    There are a number of best practises, from applying data protection policies to setting limitations on how data is shared, that will enable more efficient Cloud Security - a panel of experts will discuss case studies, and educate on how these steps can be taken in good order to ensure data protection and security are upheld.

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    SmartPhone Needs in the Age of Covid


    The global pandemic has had astronomical effects on society. As we have heard in PrivSec Global already, Digital Transformation projects have had to be accellerated, but how has society kept up? 

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    Middle East and North Africa Focus: Israeli Palestinian Conflict: Crisis Management Amid Attacks on Freedom of Speech


    The destruction of the Associated Press and Al Jazeera bureaus by Israeli Air Force, using US-supplied weapons, feels like a pivotal moment in the increasing conflict in the region.  Was this an attack on free speech and a free press?  This panel will discuss Crisis Management in a conflict, online influence campaigns, and what these attacks on AP and AJ mean.

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    Email Security: Why do We Still Click on Malicious Links?


    It is often said that humans are the weakest link when it comes to cyber security and the use of malicious emails, particularly in phishing attacks, remains a common weapon of choice for hackers. This panel will discuss why employees are still prone to clicking on dangerous links and what businesses can do, whether through training, awareness, better protocols or software investment, to get on top of the issue.

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    Privacy Culture Panel: Workforce Survey Results and Discussion


    A landmark employee survey, developed by Privacy Culture, seeks to understand employee attitudes, knowledge and behaviour towards data privacy and protection. In this session you can hear the latest results from the research and debate about current data protection workforce sentiments.

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    How to Secure Your Cloud Environment and Protect Your Data


    With the increase in remote working due to the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses have a strong incentive to implement cloud migration. But how do you ensure your data is protected? This session will look at everything from backup techniques, to different kinds of passwords and authentication.

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    Diversity and Inclusion in the Data Protection & Privacy Sectors


    A lack of representative diversity and unconscious bias in recruitment plagues all sectors and data protection and privacy are no different. In this session we will look at the efforts being made to make the industry more inclusive and what organisations can do to play their part.

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    What Do Hackers Have Against the Healthcare Sector?


    The past year has seen an upsurge in attacks against hospitals and other healthcare institutions. This panel will discuss the reasons why hackers are seeking to exploit this sector and what healthcare providers can do to ensure their defences are robust.

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    Asia Pacific, Coronavirus Vaccines and the Data Protection & Privacy Challenges


    As PrivSec Global enters its final day, we have looked at Vaccine Passes in terms of the tech and the law, but now the event analyses the geographical challenges around the application of the Vaccine, and the many challenges that are being encoutered. This panel explores the Asia Pacific region to discuss the Data Protection & Privacy challenges around the vaccine rollout as we move to come out off the global pandemic to a “new normal”.

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    Middle East and North Africa Focus: Clubhouse and Digital Authoritarianism


    People across the Middle East have flocked to Clubhouse (an audio-only app that enables the individual to create or participate in online discussion areas on topics of their choice), but is it a safe arena? This panel will discuss the appetite across the region for such an online haven, the challenges around this surge, and what long term challenges could this face for the users or the regimes across the region?

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    Keynote: Ciaran Martin


    Currently, after stepping down from his role with NCSC at the end of August 2020, Martin holds the position of Professor of Practice in the Management of Public Organisations at Oxford University’s Blavatnik School of Government and advises NATO and a number of private sector organisations on cyber security strategies.

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    Biometrics in Marketing and AdTech: How Advertising is Changing


    As Third Party Cookies lose their grip and overall relevance, othe technologies come to the forefront such as Biometrics. Advertising has never, ever stood still, but the next few years will see seismic changes in Digital Advertising and this panel will explore where we are now, what the future could be, and what effects these new technologies will have on Data Protection & Privacy, Data Security and Data Governance.