When it comes to cybersecurity and the risks that go alongside it, we know that people aren’t perfect – they get hacked, they make mistakes, and they also break the rules. And as employees continue to enjoy the flexibility of remote work, these human-activated risks to email security are surging as at-home employees continue to blur the lines between work and home life. Legacy technologies cannot keep pace, relying on static policies that frustrate and, ultimately, fail to solve the problem, leaving organisations vulnerable to both inbound and outbound data breaches and attacks.

In this session, Fahim will talk through how you can quickly spot the signs of insider risk and showcase how organisations are now applying latest disruptive technologies to the human layer in order to stop potentially costly security incidents before they can even happen.


Thursday, 23 September, 09:30 AM - 10:00 AM (BST)

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Fahim Afghan, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Egress Software Technologies

PrivSec Global