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As society redefines risk and opportunity, OneTrust empowers tomorrow’s leaders to succeed through trust and impact with the Trust Intelligence Platform. The market-defining Trust Intelligence Platform from OneTrust connects privacy, GRC, ethics, and ESG teams, data, and processes, so all companies can collaborate seamlessly and put trust at the center of their operations and culture by unlocking their value and potential to thrive by doing what’s good for people and the planet.


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Privacy Culture

Privacy Culture was created out of a desire to bring a real-world, people-centric approach to the data privacy and cyber security sector.

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer experienced, effective and personal solutions to all businesses, regardless of size or sector.

We offer advice that is jargon-free, impartial and born out of decades of experience; we provide training that is based on hard-earned knowledge; and we bring software solutions that are designed to be easy to use, comprehensive and measurable.

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Sypher is a technology company that develops solutions that help businesses simplify the GDPR compliance process. Our headquarters are in Bucharest, Romania.

We have more than 40 years of combined founders’ experience in designing and implementing projects requiring security and data protection compliance in e-commerce, banking and insurance. We use the very latest technologies and, with real attention to detail, we’re passionate about helping our clients to become GDPR compliant quickly, easily and with minimal fuss.

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The effortless, smart, secure digital communications platform

We’re powering the next generation of secure digital communications for your organization, preventing data leaks and empowering your people to work securely with minimal disruption.

From secure email to secure large file transfer and more, discover Zivver today.

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Exterro Inc. is the leading provider of e-discovery and information governance software specifically designed for in-house legal, privacy and IT teams at Global 2000 and Am Law 200 organisations.

The Exterro Orchestrated E-Discovery Suite enables organisations to manage, measure, and optimize e-discovery processes, unifying all phases of e-discovery across the EDRM, and all stakeholders on the same technology platform.

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MineOS for Business is the first platform dedicated to data privacy operations while placing user experience at the center. With a simple, no-code, and self-served setup, companies of all sizes can save time, reduce risks and automate their request handling in just 10 minutes.

By integrating endless data sources, companies can provide customers with transparency over their data, handle data privacy requests at scale, and simplify complying with privacy regulations globally, including the GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD.

  • Live Data Mapping: AI-powered discovery & control of data sources.
  • Unify Privacy Requests
  • Mine’s Evidence (automated verification & validation)
  • Fulfill DSRs with automations for dozens of data sources & 3rd-parties
  • Continuous Management & Compliance

Get peace of mind and join thousands of companies that use Mine OS PrivacyOps:


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DPOrganizer offers privacy management software, designed specifically for privacy professionals. We develop innovative features and useful tools to simplify life for privacy professionals and help to ensure compliance, demonstrate control and minimize risk.

With customers in 20 countries, the software helps businesses and organisations around the world map, visualize, report on and manage their processing of personal data. DPOrganizer was founded in 2015 by iZettle’s Data Protection Officer and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.






Privacy management is an essential, everyday duty of privacy teams. However, privacy professionals are often under tremendous pressure to ensure compliance in their organization, while often their teams are understaffed or do not have the right tools to support their work.

Get the support you need through RESPONSUM’s Privacy modules. From keeping records of your processing activities to performing TIA or LIA, and executing DPIAs, you can gather all the information you need in one place and access it at any time you need it.


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PA Consulting

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Mandatly Inc


Mandatly leads the way in privacy management through our innovative SaaS solution, that offers a user-friendly platform that empowers businesses to swiftly operationalize and automate their privacy programs, ensuring compliance with EU GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, Brazil LGPD, and other privacy laws. Mandatly API Technology allows seamless integration with other systems for automated data discovery, identity verification, consent collection, and single sign-on.

Mandatly comprehensive and integrated software simplifies complex data privacy compliance, providing efficient and effective solutions across a spectrum of critical areas:

  • Streamlining Privacy Assessments (PIA/DPIA)
  • Data Inventory and Mapping
  • Automated Data Discovery
  • Rapid Response to Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR)
  • Effortless Cookies and Consent Management
  • Auto generation of Cookie and Privacy Policy

Stay ahead in privacy compliance, ensuring peace of mind and avoiding costly fines.


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Cassie is a Consent and Preference Management Platform that manages over 1.2 billion customer records for large organisations handling high-volume, complex data worldwide.

  • Configure Cassie with total flexibility across legislations and it will implement them for you
  • Connect your data for a centralized source of truth with full integration across your tech stack
  • Complete peace of mind with smart consent audits for any legislation, saving valuable time

The platform is designed to capture, store, and manage personal preferences, ensuring compliance with complex regional regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA.

Cassie enables businesses to empower their customers with control over their personal information while allowing organisations to capture important customer choices in granular detail, such as brand, pricing, channel, language, relationships, and more, all at lightning speed. Cassie was developed by parent company Syrenis, founded in 2000, and renowned for delivering advanced data software solutions for more than two decades.



AI Company of the Year 2023,, solves the DSAR and Cyber Incident Response challenges by using AI to DETECT and REDACT personal and sensitive data contained within data lakes and IT environments – enabling you to act fast, reduce your risk, and save money.


c2 cyber

C2 Risk

At C2, we empower organisations to survive and thrive through the provision of best-in-class risk intelligence. We are focussed on risk analytics for information assurance, privacy and ESG. We will be at booth #118 at #Risk London 2023 covering all things cyber security, ESG and risk management. Please stop by our booth, or if you would like to book time together in advance feel free to contact


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Privacy Rules

PrivacyRules is the only worldwide alliance with holistic legal, tech and data crisis communication expert solutions to privacy. PrivacyRules’s and its members provide these solutions, refining and adjusting to evolving threats and regulations while caring about your organization reputation.

While our members are directly accessible through our platforms, we can also act as a single point of contact to coordinate counselling and solutions for clients and provide organizations that intermediary that is needed to synchronize efforts to secure and maintain data privacy for companies.

PrivacyRules is nimble and agile so we can solve problems quickly. We ensure that organizations are accurately advised on a local level while still under a global umbrella. Furthermore, PrivacyRules has a tapestry of local connections which we can activate on-demand to provide data privacy services and counselling in every region of the world.

PrivacyRules Global Services Include:

  • Outsourced Privacy Coordination 
  • Global Data Breach Prevention & Response Mechanism 
  • Cybersecurity Partnership Program (CPP)
  • Comprehensive Cyber Crisis Communications Program (4CP) 
  • eGovernance 
  • eLearning Platform 
  • Startups & Innovation Investor Services 

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EM360 is a multimedia platform that delivers tech news, opinion pieces, and educational content to the global corporate and IT communities.

We create, launch, and manage demand-generation campaigns for our diverse and ever-growing client portfolio of enterprise technology companies.

In our 10+ years of operation, we have spearheaded campaigns for some of the top tech businesses in the world. Our expertise, commitment, and key relationships enable us to engineer a successful campaign that not only meets your marketing goals, but delivers beyond your expectations.

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