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OneTrust is the #1 fastest growing and most widely used technology platform to help organizations be more trusted, and operationalize privacy, security, data governance, and compliance programs. More than 7,500 customers, including half of the Fortune 500, use OneTrust to build integrated programs that comply with the CCPA, GDPR, LGPD, PDPA, ISO27001 and hundreds of the world’s privacy and security laws.

The OneTrust platform is backed by 130 patents and powered by the OneTrust Athena™ AI and robotic automation engine. Our offerings include OneTrust Privacy Management Software; OneTrust PreferenceChoice™ consent and preference management; OneTrust Vendorpedia™ third-party risk exchange; OneTrust GRC integrated risk management; OneTrust Ethics ethics and compliance; OneTrust DataGuidance™ regulatory research; OneTrust DataDiscovery™ AI-powered discovery and classification software; and OneTrust DataGovernance™.

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Our mission is to eliminate the most complex cybersecurity challenge every organisation faces: insider risk. We understand that people get hacked, make mistakes, and break the rules. To prevent these human-activated breaches, we have built the only Human Layer Security platform that defends against inbound and outbound threats. Using patented contextual machine learning we detect and prevent abnormal human behaviour such as targeted phishing attacks, misdirected emails, and data exfiltration.

Used by the world’s biggest brands, Egress is private equity backed and has offices in London, New York, and Boston.

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Three reasons to choose DataGuard

1. Industry-specific GDPR advice

  • A single point of contact for any GDPR question
  • Access to a vast team of compliance specialists for complex projects
  • Hands-on support with data breaches or emergencies
  • Communicate data protection requirements to stakeholders

2. User-friendly GDPR Software

  • Automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks
  • Create new policies, train your team, manage data subject access requests
  • Assign tasks and due dates to your team members
  • Digital paper trail of your GDPR compliance activities

3. Flexible and cost-effective

  • Tailored to your unique compliance needs
  • Truly flexible consulting hours to use for any purpose
  • Fixed monthly costs with no hidden surprises
  • 100-day satisfaction guarantee


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Privacy Culture

Privacy Culture was created out of a desire to bring a real-world, people-centric approach to the data privacy and cyber security sector.

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer experienced, effective and personal solutions to all businesses, regardless of size or sector.

We offer advice that is jargon-free, impartial and born out of decades of experience; we provide training that is based on hard-earned knowledge; and we bring software solutions that are designed to be easy to use, comprehensive and measurable.

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Ketch helps companies conquer complexity, build trust, and ensure the success of all your data-
driven initiatives.

Our deploy-once, comply-everywhere solution operationalizes privacy with programmatic, automated tools that collapse the cost of compliance and ensure perfect adherence with all data regulations, now and in the future.

To learn more about Ketch visit us at and follow us on Linkedin and Twitter.

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ProcessUnity’s cloud-based solutions help organizations of all sizes automate their risk and compliance programs. Our highly configurable, easy-to-use tools significantly reduce manual administrative tasks, allowing customers to spend more time on strategic risk mitigation. As a software-as-a-service technology, ProcessUnity deploys quickly with minimal effort from customers and their IT resources. Our technology delivers faster, better results, and the ability to scale governance, risk, and compliance programs over time.

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Onapsis secures the business-critical applications that run the global economy. The Onapsis Platform uniquely delivers actionable vulnerability insights, continuous threat monitoring, application security testing, and automated compliance for critical systems from leading vendors such as SAP, Oracle, Salesforce and others. Onapsis Research Labs, the team who powers the Onapsis Platform, is responsible for the discovery and mitigation of more than 800 zero-day vulnerabilities in business-critical applications.
This combination of our Onapsis Platform and Onapsis Research Labs is the reason why we proudly serve more than 300 of the world’s leading brands like Accenture, Deloitte, IBM, PwC, and Verizon—as well as 20% of the Fortune 100. We also secure 6 of the top 10 automotive companies, 5 of the top 10 chemical companies, 4 of the top 10 technology companies and 3 of the top 10 oil and gas companies.
Onapsis is headquartered in Boston, MA, with offices in Heidelberg, Germany, and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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OwnBackup is a leading SaaS data protection platform for some of the largest SaaS ecosystems in the world, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and ServiceNow. Through capabilities like data security, backup and recovery, archiving, and sandbox seeding, we empower organizations worldwide to manage and protect the mission-critical data that drives their business. With over 4,700 customers, we are ranked on the Forbes Cloud 100 as one of the world’s top private cloud companies, and have raised over $500 million in venture funding.

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Privacy Rules

PrivacyRules is the only worldwide alliance with holistic legal, tech and data crisis communication expert solutions to privacy. PrivacyRules’s and its members provide these solutions, refining and adjusting to evolving threats and regulations while caring about your organization reputation.

While our members are directly accessible through our platforms, we can also act as a single point of contact to coordinate counselling and solutions for clients and provide organizations that intermediary that is needed to synchronize efforts to secure and maintain data privacy for companies.

PrivacyRules is nimble and agile so we can solve problems quickly. We ensure that organizations are accurately advised on a local level while still under a global umbrella. Furthermore, PrivacyRules has a tapestry of local connections which we can activate on-demand to provide data privacy services and counselling in every region of the world.

PrivacyRules Global Services Include:

  • Outsourced Privacy Coordination 
  • Global Data Breach Prevention & Response Mechanism 
  • Cybersecurity Partnership Program (CPP)
  • Comprehensive Cyber Crisis Communications Program (4CP) 
  • eGovernance 
  • eLearning Platform 
  • Startups & Innovation Investor Services 

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