Chief Data Officer

Sarah Davanzo

Sarah DaVanzo is innovating the future of data, analytics, insights, foresight, and cultural strategy. She spent two decades working internationally in 22 countries for F500 companies, consultancies, agencies, and start-ups. Experienced start-up entrepreneur, agency leader and corporate executive, today, Sarah leads the Consumer & Market Insight & Foresight (including Cultural Intelligence & Cultural Foresight) for the L’Oréal Groupe driving corporate and product innovation. She is a quantitative data-driven futurist with >70% accuracy (a.k.a. “superforecaster”) who has helped over one hundred businesses future-proof. Her futurized insights have been published in Time, The New York Times, Forbes, Fast Co., Wired, The Guardian and featured in TV, podcasts, radio, and cited in books and research papers all over the world. Sarah is a super-user and hacker of technology to scale, amplify, communicate and transform insights and foresight. She is a master of data. A student of Design Thinking, Sarah holds several patents. She is continuously building and creating. Her latest ventures include: CULTURAL FORESIGHT Sarah combines the disciplines of foresight and cultural strategy into Cultural Foresight: Anticipating with data cultural shifts and emerging culture to design growth strategies (i.e., corporate, innovation, brand & marketing strategies) with the power to shape industry and society. APPLIED CURIOSITY The original Chief Curiosity Officer, Sarah has dedicated over a decade of research, including a master’s degree, to studying ways to cultivate curiosity. Today, she is focused on “Applied Curiosity” – the measurable application of curiosity for business growth (e.g., insights, innovation, problem-solving, corporate culture, etc.). She has two TEDx talks on using curiosity strategically in business and in life. A curiosity diagnostic tool and techniques to amplify and apply strategic curiosity are amongst her inventions. LIVING CURIOUSLY Sarah’s “curiouser & curiouser” secret is to actively #LiveCuriously. She believes a new class of people, defined by their curiosity, not socioeconomics, is rising. Sarah leads by example while coaching people to see, feel, think and do everything more curiously. A few of Sarah’s curious adventures include circumnavigating the globe twice (once by boat, once by air), living as a monk for two months, attending astronaut training camp, leading an expedition in West Africa and building the Gold of Africa Museum. University lecturer, author, artist, and keynote speaker.

Current Role

  • Company Name: Pierre Fabre Group
  • Job Title: Chief Data Officer
  • Start Date: May 2022
  • Company Industry: Pharmaceuticals
  • Location: New York City Metropolitan Area



Previous Company:

  • Company Name:  sparks & honey
  • Job Title:  Chief Cultural Strategy Officer
  • Start Date