CIO Digital Enablement & Supply Chain - Enterprise Operations

Lia De Fazio

Blending a background in interdisciplinary International relations, Financial Mathematics, and UX/UI Design, I accumulate extensive experience working at IBM for over a decade. I am an Agile Global internship Manager, Certified Iteration Manager, and UX/UI Designer. I’m passionate about digital artists, branding and I believe that everything has room for improvement. Blending my 2 passions: Recruiting and UX/UI, I designed an app called: The Talent App to support hiring managers to easily access and find candidates according to their level of proficiency. It was extremely important to find the right balance for the digital product, consolidating a minimalistic and aesthetic way to preview candidate profile, yet not over simplistic that users could potentially miss a candidate due to a lack of information on the page. In the various roles that I have held throughout my career, I have been at the forefront of a number of technology deployments as the bridge between the functional and technical teams and combine it with business acumen to help clients achieve business results. I truly enjoy friendship, diversity, and cultural differences. In my spare time, I’m usually traveling and getting to know new people, food and places. I recently got a new habit of online studying psychoanalysis and meditation, but you can also find me skateboarding with my 2 years old daughter or at the Crossfit203 resting my mind by tiring my body.

Current Role

  • Company Name: IBM
  • Job Title: CIO Digital Enablement & Supply Chain - Enterprise Operations
  • Start Date: April 2022
  • Company Industry: Information Technology & Services
  • Location: New York City Metropolitan Area



Previous Company:

  • Company Name:  Secconda Homes
  • Job Title:  CIO Design - Business Operation Manager
  • Start Date:  October 2020