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    ISO 27001: What is changing and how it will impact you


    Becoming ISO 27001 certified demonstrates that your Information Security Management System (ISMS) is aligned with documented standards and provides your customers with assurance regarding the security of these systems.

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    Has O365 closed the door to data leaks?


    Efficiency, collaboration and security are often the positive messages in regards to implementing Office365 in any organisation. But, is your organisation truly experiencing the comfort of safe communication?

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    OneTrust GRC - GRC Implementation Steps: Streamline Your IT Risk & Security Management Program


    With constantly changing laws, regulations, and limited resources to stay on top of them, information security leaders often find it challenging to scale their risk and compliance programs. Having a clear understanding of “How compliant are we?” is a reoccurring question. However, scoping your compliance obligations is a foundational activity before you can start evaluating risk throughout your organization.

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    CDOs and CISOs want the same thing


    Hosted by: Tom Michali (Manager, Sagence), Pierluigi Miraglia (Sr. Principal, Sagence), Jeff Sizemore (Vice President of Governance and Compliance, Egnyte), Tad Mielnicki (Director, Governance Compliance, Egnyte). Video: CDOs and CISOs want the same thing: secure data assets for ...

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    Flavius Plesu: Former Senior Information Security at Bank of Ireland


    In this episode, hear from Flavius Plesu, former senior Information Security professional at Bank of Ireland.