Has O365 closed the door to data leaks?

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Efficiency, collaboration and security are often the positive messages in regards to implementing Office365 in any organisation. But, is your organisation truly experiencing the comfort of safe communication?

Zivver O365 cover screenshot

We see that organisations increasingly recognize that extra measures are needed to provide maximum protection from potentially damaging data leaks.

Organisations should be asking the question - can O365 fulfil a significant part of the email data protection requirements that have been formulated based on best practices?

In this eBook, Zivver:

  • Summarize the gaps most organisations see between the requirements to improve email data protection and the potential functionalities of Office 365
  • Identify the seven most crucial issues and threats for the use of O365 within organisations

If you’re responsible for information security and concerned about your security protocols, this briefing will help you get the most out of your Microsoft Office 365 (O365) deployment, and enable you to reach the required levels of information security and data protection when it comes to outbound email.