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FinCrime World Forum June 2021 - A Global Live Stream Experience | 22 - 23 June

FinCrime World Forum brings together a globally engaged audience to discuss, challenge, debate and address how we can make the world a safer place. Staying informed, connected and part of the solution has never been so important.

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Latest In Financial Crime

  • fake-4319002_1280


    Guernsey launches agency to fight financial crime


    The Economic and Financial Crime Bureau (EFCB) has been set up by Guernsey’s government to investigate money laundering and economic crime, take enforcement action and recover proceeds from unlawful conduct.

  • Ari Redbord


    Stablecoins, Central Bank Digital Currencies and the future of digital money


    Governments across the world are looking at setting up Central Bank Digital Currencies as a way of competing with ‘traditional’ cryptocurrencies and improving control. Experienced financial crime investigator Ari Redbold, ahead of his appearance at FinCrime World Forum, explains how he sees the future shaping up

  • medicine-2801025_1280


    Thousands of fake online pharmacies shut down


    A record number of fake online pharmacies worldwide have been shut down in an operation targeting the sale of counterfeit and illicit medicines and medical products.