In July 2021, the European Commission proposed a package of reforms to the EU’s anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) rules. 

The reforms propose the establishment of an EU Anti-Money Laundering Authority, a “single EU rulebook” for AML/CFT and full apprecition of the EU AML/CFT rules to the crypto sector. 

FinCrime Focus: Anti-Money Laundering will explore the Commission’s proposals and consider how they might affect financial institutions. 



FinCrime World Forum

Part of the Digital Trust Europe Series  -   will take place through May, June & July 2022, visiting five major cities; 

Brussels   | Stockholm   | London   | Dublin   | Amsterdam

Get to the edge of the financial crime debate at FinCrime World Forum.  

FinCrime World Forum   is a two-day in-person event taking place as part of the Digital Trust Europe series. The event will feature presentations and panels from thought-leaders and anti-financial crime professionals that are leading the way on how we can better, more efficiently and more effectively fight financial crime.


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