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RoundtableA look at the key Fraud Trends for financial institutions in
South Africa 2022 and understanding the role Behavioural
Biometrics play in the mitigation of these threats

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Platform: Zoom

Date & time: Tuesday 24th May, 10:00am SAST

Duration: 60 mins

Hosted by:

→ Clive Gungudoo, Director of Financial Crimes and Risk Management at MoData
Chad Thomas, Chief Executive Officer of IRS Forensic Investigations
Selvan Naidu, Head – Investigation and Fraud Risk Management, Standard Bank
→ Iain Swaine, Directeur EMEA, Global Advisory, BioCatch

This exclusive virtual roundtable will look back at how retail banks in South Africa have been impacted by Account Opening (AO) Fraud, Account Takeover (ATO) Fraud and Social Engineering Scams during the pandemic and discuss future fraud trends.

Clive and Chad will also explore the role that Behavioural Biometrics can play in the prevention of these threats.

They will cover what they believe will be the key industry fraud challenges we face in 2022 and beyond, and how you can prepare for them. Join this interactive discussion with your peers and help shape your fraud strategy. 

Key discussions will include:

→ How have the fraud threats changed during covid times with more remote banking being enforced? 

→ For new account openings, has there been an uptick in fraudulent applications alongside a rise in genuine due to the pandemic? has this been synthetic IDs or ID theft? Have your current fraud controls coped?

→ For digital banking, have you seen a rise in fraud that is equivalent or greater to the increase in numbers of users / usage? What are the types of attacks you have seen? 

→ Has there been a change in the threat landscape during covid, or has traditional ATO remained dominant? 

→ Has social engineering increased? Where have weaknesses in your controls been seen and exploited at the human level? Are there any particular groups of customers that have been more susceptible / vulnerable to fraud attempts?

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  • selvan naidu

    Selvan Naidu

    Head – Investigation and Fraud Risk Management, Standard Bank

  • Iain Swaine

    Iain Swaine

    Iain Swaine, Director EMEA, Global Advisory, BioCatch

  • Clive Gungudoo

    Clive Gungudoo

    Director of Financial Crimes and Risk Management at MoData

  • Chad Thomas

    Chad Thomas

    Chief Executive Officer of IRS Forensic Investigations