Companies across the world are continuing to modernise by switching to cloud-based management in order to fully harness the power of data.

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As more organisations future-proof themselves in this way, towns themselves are progressing through digital transformation to unlock new levels of productivity, experience and service for citizens, businesses and government departments alike.

In the US, Maplewood, New Jersey is the latest conurbation to transition from paper-based procedures to digital, with local officials recognising the many benefits that municipal operations and constituent infrastructure can tap into.

The township recently partnered with GovPilot, a Hoboken, New Jersey based provider of cloud-based government management software. Officials from Maplewood are presently working alongside GovPilot experts to implement a number of digital services that will make facilities more convenient for constituents.

Health inspections, open records requests, dog and cat licenses, special event management, and non-emergency constituent concern reporting, are among the everyday processes to receive a shot in the arm thanks to state-of-the-art technology.

The township will deploy a “Report-a-Concern” feature which enables residents to report non-emergency concerns such as potholes or general code violations directly via a digital form on the city website, or through an app on their phone called GovAlert.

The app, available on all devices is easy to use, and routes citizen concerns directly to the relevant municipal department so that the issue can be resolved quickly.

Township Administrator Gerald Giaimis said:

“I encourage residents to download the GovAlert app on their phones and help us keep Maplewood safe by instantly reporting issues that they come across so we can address them quickly. Convenient digital government services are essential to cost effective public safety and services, and we aim to be responsive to our residents.”

“GovPilot offers a cost-effective solution that will make Maplewood’s services and operations more responsive to, and aligned with the needs of our constituents,” Giaimis added.

“The ability to provide digital services and operations is critical to creating an efficient, livable, and convenient community for our residents and businesses,” he continued.

Michael Bonner, the founder and CEO of GovPilot said:

“We are excited to work with Maplewood on its early stages of digital transformation. In partnering with local governments in New Jersey and across the country.

“We have found that digital processes generate significant increases in efficiency and productivity that have a positive impact on local budgets, services, and constituent experience. We expect to see similar results in Maplewood,” Bonner added