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  • employer
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    GRC Employer of the Year

    The GRC Employer of the Year Award will recognise an organisation that has the wellbeing of its employees at its core.

  • innovator
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    GRC Innovator of the Year

    Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk – all innovators that changed the way that we live and work, but also, all men.

  • Ambassador
    Award Category

    GRC Ambassador of the Year

    An ambassador is defined as ‘a person who represents, speaks for, or advertises a particular organisation, group of people, activity, or brand’, and the winner of this award will do exactly that.

  • Head of legal
    Award Category

    Head of Legal of the Year

    Studies show that women make up 49% of lawyers in law firms, up by 1% since 2017. For the other staff working in law firms, women make up three quarters of the workforce (75%) with no change since 2017. The ONS Labour Market Survey shows that 47% of the UK workforce are women.

  • head of governance
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    Head of Governance of the Year

    Evidence suggests that gender diversity on boards of directors is of the utmost importance when it comes to corporate governance and the effectiveness of an organisation. However, increasing female representation on board has been slow…

  • esg
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    ESG Officer of the Year

    Research shows that as of 2020, the value of global assets applying environmental, social and governance data to drive investment decisions has almost doubled over four years, and more than tripled over eight years, to $40.5 trillion.

  • chief privacy
    Award Category

    Chief Compliance Officer of the Year

    2020 research from Zippia shows that in the US, the average employee age for chief compliance officers was 45 years, and the chief compliance officer workforce reached 62,404! Of these workers, the research shows that only 33.6% of them were women, while 62.0% were men…

  • Chief technology
    Award Category

    Chief Technology Officer of the Year

    At present, women make up just 17% of IT specialists in the UK, and the Chief Technology Officer of the Year Award will be given to a female technology leader who is working to change these statistics and the face of this sector…

  • CEO
    Award Category

    CEO of the Year

    According to the Catalyst, Women CEOs of the S&P 500 list from January 2021, women currently hold 30 (6.0%) of CEO positions at those S&P 500 companies.

  • Head of fincrime
    Award Category

    Head of Financial Crime

    Fewer than a 21.9% of senior leadership roles within financial services firms were held by women in 2019, and current growth projections of 31% by 2030 are still far from parity, according to the Deloitte Insights and 100 Women in Finance report…

  • Chief risk
    Award Category

    Chief Risk Officer of the Year

    Research from Oliver Wyman shows that women make up 19% of risk and actuarial professionals on financial services companies’ executive committees, and there is still room for improvement…

  • WGRC Category images 2022
    Award Category

    Information Security Officer of the Year

    Only 13% of Fortune 500 companies currently have a woman cybersecurity leader working as CISO, CIO, or VP of Security, says the 2019 ISC2 Women in Cybersecurity….

  • role model
    Award Category

    GRC Role Model of the Year

    The Role Model of the Year will be a woman who has inspired, enabled or supported other women inside or outside of their business in a significant way.

  • Chief compliance
    Award Category

    Chief Privacy Officer of the Year

    The 2015 IAPP Salary Survey shows that in privacy and data governance, women occupy similarly senior positions and earn roughly as much as men

  • Team
    Award Category

    GRC Team of the Year

    When it comes to business, teamwork is the cornerstone on which a business is built, and this award will recognise and champion that.