Supply chain operations and product delivery at Ardagh have been impacted by what the global packaging giant described as a cyber security incident.

In response the company shut down its IT systems and applications and is progressively bringing key systems back online securely. This is expected to be substantially achieved by the month’s end.

In a statement the company said: “While products have continued to be shipped to customers, we have experienced some delays as a result of this incident.

“Certain other processes, including some supply chain operations, have been affected, and alternative solutions, including manual workarounds, have been implemented, to enable us to continue to respond to our customers’ needs.

“We acknowledge the continued dedication and commitment of our employees during this period,” it said. The company has 16,000 workers.

Production, at its 57 metal beverage and glass packaging plants spread across 12 countries, has continued and business growth projects have not been impacted and remain on track, Ardagh said.

Though every effort is being made to minimise the impact on operations, customers and suppliers, the company said it cannot rule out delay and disruption leading to deferral or loss of revenue and extra costs.

Meanwhile, the Luxembourg-headquartered group has engaged specialists to conduct a forensic investigation into the incident and says it will take appropriate actions in response to the findings.

Ardagh has already introduced new protection tools across its network to immediately boost security, is reviewing its technology roadmap, and is accelerating planned IT investments.