Chief Risk Officer

Saskia Hoskens

Saskia has recently become the Chief Risk Officer at ING. 

Current Role

  • Company Name: ING
  • Job Title: Chief Risk Officer / Head of Risk Wholesale Banking
  • Start Date: June 2022
  • Company Industry: Banking
  • Location: The Randstad, Netherlands

ING is a pioneer in digital banking and on the forefront being one of the most innovative banks in the world. As ING we have a clear purpose that represents our conviction of people’s potential. We don’t judge, coach, or to tell people how to live their lives. However big or small, modest or grand, we empower people and businesses to realize their vision for a better future. We made the promise to make banking frictionless, removing barriers to progress, and make people confident in their financial decisions. As a global bank we have a huge opportunity – and responsibility – to make an impact for the better. We can play a role by financing change, sharing knowledge, and innovating. Being sustainable is in all the choices we make—as a lender, as a partner and through the services we offer our customers 


Previous Company:

  • Company Name:  Rabobank Groep
  • Job Title:  Global Head Financial Restructuring & Recovery / Special Credits / Directeur Bijzonder Beheer
  • Start Date:  July 2018