Chief Analytics Officer

I focus on developing leaders in the analytics industry. My team consists of bright analytical minds that we develop into business leaders, My team focuses primarily on big picture problems or opportunities. We ask the right questions, think outside the box and dive deep. We tell stories with data. This positions us to advise executives and colleagues on recommended actions and innovative solutions. We support long-term and short-term financial strategies to help guide the business and generate revenue growth. My teams thrive on being intellectually curious. We focus on delivering actionable, analytical insights that are effectively communicated throughout the organization to effectuate change and growth. * Retail Analytics & Revenue Growth Strategies * Collaborate with executive leadership to develop financial growth strategies and analytics for the business on both the broadcast and E-commerce website. * Financial Modeling * Develop econometric models used in finance, programming, and merchandising that is used to maximize profitability, provide revenue forecasting, and measure the success of financial results, merchandising trends, host trends, and many other key business metrics. * Digital Media Analytics * Develop world-class solutions for digital media measurement including an industry leading multi-touch attribution model that utilizes partner data feed to measure incrementality and efficiency of our entire digital advertising portfolio. * Traditional Marketing Analytics * Develop unique measurement systems for traditional marketing channels including print advertising, TV advertising, and OTT platforms. * Customer Analytics * Develop and maintain complex customer lifetime value models that are used in numerous decision making processes throughout the company including: target customer acquisition costs, product scoring, and advertising efficiency. Explore customer attrition, retention, and viewership patterns in the retail industry. * Merchandising Analytics * Develop industry leading product scoring metrics for the merchandising team. These are velocity based metrics that help us determine the value and efficiency of a product. * Pricing Models * Use elasticity models and external data sources to study pricing and develop numerous product pricing models used throughout the business. * Business Metric Development * Develop hedgehog business metrics that measure growth, change, and cause / effect relationships.

Current Role

  • Company Name: Jewelry Television
  • Job Title: Chief Analytics Officer
  • Start Date: June 2022
  • Company Industry: Retail
  • Location: Knoxville, Tennessee, United States

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Previous Company:

  • Company Name:  Jewelry Television
  • Job Title:  Senior Vice President Business Analytics
  • Start Date: May 2020