Chief Technology Officer

Richard Hebdon

Technology leader at Elsevier where I’m working with a great team to push the boundaries of science, technology, and healthcare through leading-edge technologies including Cloud, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. I’m passionate about driving strategic, enterprise-scale transformation and building highly motivated, engaged and delivery focused teams using SRE and DevOps working practices. With an extensive background in operations and architecture and am passionate about the adoption and evangelization of new technologies to drive business value and improve the developer experience. These include cloud hosting, containerization and infrastructure platform, automation, CI/CD, AIOps, ML and AI. Over the past three years, I have had a unique opportunity to transform Infrastructure and Operations at Elsevier by building out a new team to take ownership of the hosting and end-user functions and align them to Elsevier’s business requirements. In the hosting space, Elsevier has migrated over 95 percent of our workloads into the cloud creating one of the largest and most diverse enterprise workloads in AWS. We have shifted our operating model to support DevOps and SRE. More recently we have started codifying our paved road approach into an infrastructure platform designed to offer the best developer experience while accelerating time to market and security. In under two years, Elsevier constructed a new end-user support function, migrated away from ServiceNow, and implemented a range of commodity cloud-based services such as Amazon Workspaces to decrease complexity and improve cost-effectiveness and agility. More recently we have transitioned to zero trust network underpinned by ZScaler. When I’m not working I enjoy cooking, motorsport, reading science fiction, gaming and 3d printing.

Current Role

  • Company Name: LexisNexis Reed Tech
  • Job Title: Chief Technology Officer
  • Start Date: June 2022
  • Company Industry: Information Services
  • Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States



Previous Company:

  • Company Name:  Ploughshare Innovations.
  • Job Title:  Commercialisation Manager
  • Start Date