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  • Buffett calls ESG asinine

    Buffett calls ESG asinine: What does he mean, and is he right?


    At an investment presentation in 2021, Warren Buffett called ESG asinine. What did he mean by that, and was he right?

  • ESG and company culture and ESG by design

    ESG and company culture and ESG by design


    In this piece, we look at how ESG plays into corporate culture and a concept we call ESG by design.

  • ESG green building

    ESG and making a profit?


    ESG extracts a cost, but maybe it creates profit in the long run; maybe for a company with a long term horizon, ESG and profit maximisation is the same thing.

  • ESG the elevator pitch

    ESG the elevator pitch


    What is ESG? Why is ESG important? Can a company that adopts ESG also maximise profits? What are the challenges in adopting ESG? Why is demand for ESG is growing? What is the ESG opportunity and how does this tie in with labour shortage? And what about ESG and company culture?