Senior Cyber Security Manager- London Gatwick Airport

Holly has worked in a variety of roles in the GRC sphere for over 10 years, spanning areas such as the Law Enforcement and Charity sector and most recently moving into Aviation at London Gatwick Airport.

She has held the role of the airport’s Data Protection Officer for the last five years , building up the function and supporting the business through its aims of utilizing innovation and technology to improve passenger journeys. Holly has recently decided to take the plunge and take a move into Cyber Security, taking on the role of the airport’s Senior Cyber Security Manager, where she now focuses on the GRC Cyber requirements and Supply Chain Risk Management. As a critical national infrastructure and the world’s busiest single runway, London Gatwick is a fast, paced dynamic environment which means there is always something new to learn!

Holly is also the Co-chair of Equal Plane, the women’s equality group at London Gatwick, which aims to support women, break down barriers and make the airport a great place to work for women. Equal Plane have fed into policy changes which have improved conditions and support for women at the airport, held large networking events and led successful workstreams focussing on supporting women going through the Menopause or returning to work after Maternity leave.

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