Chief Compliance Officer at SkyShowtime

Monica Mahay (she/her/hers) is the Chief Compliance Officer at SkyShowtime, responsible for corporate compliance issue, the company privacy program, and the responsible business program (including ESG and responsible supply chain matters). She has spent over 20 years working primarily at large tech companies and media companies with a speciality in privacy and security. She has extensive experience in managing and developing people and influencing the development of innovative technology that impacts the world. She is passionate about inclusion and harnessing differences to get the best out of teams and individuals, and has lead diversity and inclusion initiatives across EMEA during her tenure at Intel, designed to improve participation of minority groups in both the tech sector and the legal industry. She has spent a number of years developing expertise in diversity, equity and inclusion, becoming a D&I trainer and facilitator.

Monica spent some time at Global Fund for Women (on an externship) working specifically on the UN Generation Equality Forum, leveraging her industry expertise in the action coalition on Technology and Innovation for Gender Equality. Following this externship, she returned to Intel to serve as their first Global Human Rights attorney, with a focus on modern slavery, forced and bonded labour and human trafficking. Monica continues to support the development of women in the legal and privacy industry’s through mentoring. She has been a long-time advocate of flexible working approaches to accommodate issues relating to women, particularly mothers, in the workplace. She regularly speaks on topics such as leadership, efficiency, creating inclusive teams, and career-building as a parent.

Monica lives in Surrey with her partner, 2 children, and a very mischievous dog. She enjoys painting, playing piano, reading fantasy fiction, trying out new recipes from around the world, and watching monster movies.