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Jean-Hugues Migeon holds a Master’s degree in public international law and specializes in personal data protection law. He started his career as a data protection trainee in the group information security department NN Group, Dutch insurance company. With professional training in cybersecurity and network security, Jean-Hugues was appointed by the Chief Information security Officer to ensure the liaison between the Group data protection office and the Security department. Jean-Hugues later became a consultant in information security and privacy for ON2IT, focusing on the implementation of Zero Trust network architecture. The research carried out within the framework of this function led him to write articles on the use of data and metadata generated for Zero Trust security to demonstrate compliance with various regulations (GDPR, CCPA, etc.) and standards (ISO27K  , PCIDSS, etc.). Jean-Hugues works as data protection specialist with the IT department of the European Space Agency and is Guest lecturer at Antwerp Management School on the use of Zero Trust to demonstrate regulatory compliance.

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PrivSec World Forum - Amsterdam

Breaking Down Barriers: How Data Protection and Security Teams Can Work Together

27 September 2022, 11:20 - 12:05 CEST


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