Almost half of government agencies in the US were held back due to inadequate IT set-ups through the global health crisis, a new study finds.

Outdated Technology

Relying on existing architecture proved insufficient to meet the challenges brought on by the pandemic, according to 43% of local government agencies reviewed. Many entities cited security issues and remote work management among the most problematic issues.

The survey took in the views of around 50 government bodies throughout the US, each serving populations of between 4,500 and 30,000. Topics central to the study included workforce management, technology, and citizen interactions.

As of the start of 2022, 67% of agencies reported that up to 25% of their staffs were still working remotely and averaging one to three days a week, with 43% stating that their office remote work policies have changed.

While technology is the enabling factor for a remote workforce, 57% of respondents indicated that they did not have a cloud-based ERP system. Almost half (43%) reported the top challenge with remote work concerns access to information and 19% found that security is a problem, both issues can be remediated with cloud-based solutions.

A telling 67% stated that their existing technology infrastructure is incapable of sustaining a long-term work from home scenario, while just under two thirds indicated that their citizens reported challenges to accessing to agency personnel.

The majority (57%) of those polled indicated that they were planning on changing their technology via the grant money afforded by the American Rescue Plan Act.

Robert Bonavito, CEO, Springbrook Software, said:

“No one anticipated the full impact of the pandemic or the burden it would suddenly place on the aging technology that many local government agencies indicated they rely on.

“The numbers in our study indicate that those who use cloud-based ERP systems are in a much better position to manage the radically changed work landscape than those with non-cloud systems,” Bonavito added.

“The necessity for cloud-based solutions has moved from a want to a need, and with new funding sources becoming available, there are fewer excuses not to make the move,” Bonavito concluded.

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