The Peruvian government’s cabinet has approved a bill to create the National Authority for Transparency, Access to Public Information and Protection of Personal Data.

“These modifications put Peru on a par with the more developed countries that operate in large international markets and will facilitate the recognition of the country as one of ‘adequate level of protection’ of personal data, thus enhancing international trade,” the government said.

The proposed legislation integrates two existing authorities and the administrative court of transparency into a specialised technical body with its own legal status. It is expected to have greater autonomy and budgetary resources.

The draft bill will improve processing of requests for access to public information, attempt to stop the abuse of the right, and will empower the new authority by granting it sanctioning power against public servants who disregard their obligations and violate the transparency and access to information regime.

The bill recognises the portability of personal data and large companies will have to appoint a personal data officer to process and store personal data and communicate security incidents which involve personal data.

The new law will also guarantee adequate data protection rights for Peruvians.

The proposed legislation will be presented to the country’s Congress as a matter of urgency, the government said.


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