Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google, has been targeted by privacy advocacy group, NOYB, over allegations of unauthorised user tracking in the Google Chrome web browser.

The complaint, filed this week, is being examined by EU antitrust regulators who are already scrutinising Google’s privacy practices.

Google is in the process of ditching third-party cookies, which marketers employ to follow consumers, as part of its efforts to respect and enhance users’ privacy rights. To facilitate this transition, Google has introduced the Privacy Sandbox – a suite of tools designed to block covert tracking techniques and limit data sharing with third parties. The softwares also allow developers and publishers to measure ad performance in a way that will not snoop on individual users’ online journeys.

When operating through Chrome, a user is able to decide whether or not to activate the ad privacy feature and avoid being tracked. However, NOYB claims that this feature still enables Google to track users within the web browser itself. Led by Austrian lawyer, Max Schrems, the advocacy NGO argues that Google should obtain explicit user consent in accordance with European Union privacy regulations.

Know the risks

The fresh NYOB complaint underscores the ongoing tension between tech giants and privacy advocates as the digital advertising landscape evolves in response to stricter privacy laws.

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