The regulator stated that it did not send the messages nor does it hold any funds for individual benefit.

In a warning issued by the U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), consumers have received a fictitious email asking them to provide their Bitcoin wallet key that would allegedly allow a transfer of funds under the control of the OCC. 

The email contains numerous typographical errors and reads:

“Your fund $10.5M is ready to be paid to you,” the email said. “Note your fund can only be paid to you VIA a Bitcoin Wallet Address ID NO.” The message claims that “the IMF.UNITED NATIONS and WORLD BANK have made a new policy that any debt or payment belonging to an individual above $1M should be paid through a bitcoin wallet address.”

The OCC has stressed that any communications claiming that the agency is holding any funds for the benefit of any individual is “fraudulent,” and that consumers should not respond to the message.

For more information make sure to tune into Nick Furneaux’s talk “Crypto 2.0 - New ways of performing old tricks? Exploring Crypto Typologies” at FinCrime World Forum. 

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