Residents of the US state of Kansas are benefiting from access to cutting-edge crypto technology thanks to a new venture by the cryptocurrency platform, Blockchain.


The Wallet and Exchange are now available to the Sunflower State’s three million residents, as the company continues to expand its crypto access offering across the country.

After launch, daily transacting users spiked more than 200%, showing demand for crypto trading within the Midwestern state.

The revelations follow a run of Blockchain launches across Iowa, Michigan, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and most recently, Georgia. Available now in more than 30 states, the Exchange is actively working to obtain individual license approvals to bring product availability to all US residents, with the Wallet now available in all 50 states.

Experts predicts that crypto trading on will usher in increased financial freedom and earning potential for residents across Kansas. In addition to trading, the remote-first company is also hiring for roles across sales, customer success, people operations, legal, engineering, finance, operations, and more.

Brooks Wallace, Head of Communications, said:

“We’re bringing crypto access into the very heart of the United States. With the popularity of bitcoin ATMs growing throughout the state, Kansas residents have shown a real interest in embracing crypto and we look forward to being their trusted partner.

“Anyone interested in building the future of finance from the Sunflower State should explore our remote job offerings. It’s not too late to be early to crypto,” Wallace added.