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  • DP Index

    UK Data Protection Index: first findings published


    Data protection professionals are calling out for more investment for internal resources, software systems and staff training, but only a quarter expect their budget to increase in the next 12 months, according to the findings of the first UK Data Protection Index.

  • Data Privacy Laws

    Data Privacy Laws: Global View


    Data privacy is the component of data security that is focused on the compliant handling of sensitive or personal data. It is inevitably interlinked with data security, as governments across the globe have set standards for how sensitive or personal data should be protected.

  • covid-19

    Security Concerns over Contact Tracing Apps


    When an individual is found to be infected with the coronavirus, the race is on to find those who they have come into contact with, as these people could be carriers or even be infected. This has led to hundreds of coronavirus contact-tracing mobile applications being developed worldwide and backed by various governments and national health authorities, as well as guidelines by the EU and special protocols developed by the two major smartphone OS vendors Apple & Google. In some places, the usage of such applications has been made mandatory for people who want to gain access into public spaces.

  • Cyber Security

    Preparing for the ‘new normal’ in cyber security


    The global coronavirus pandemic has added an enormous strain on employees’ ability to work remotely.

  • EU and UK Flag

    GDPR in a post-Brexit world


    A new transition period has begun in which the UK has until the end of December 2020 to negotiate a new relationship with the EU.

  • Artificial Intelligence data privacy

    Artificial Intelligence: addressing the risks to data privacy and beyond


    As more companies are implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a core part of their digital transformation, there is a requirement for boards to focus on the risks related to AI use of personal data and the potential bias and unpredictability in its output.  

  • GDPR

    GDPR: 2 Year Anniversary


    The 25th May 2020 marked two years since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018 came into force in the UK.  The change in law saw the biggest change in data protection law in 20 years and gave the regulator, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the ability to impose much tougher sanctions and levy higher fines on organisations that fail to comply with data protection law.

  • Cybercrime

    The Cybercrime Trends and Challenges We Have Faced During COVID-19


    It should come as no surprise that since the emergence of COVID-19 last year there has been a month on month increase in the level of malicious activities relating to the pandemic, with cybercriminals using it as a new hook to bait their unsuspecting victims. In actual fact, the overall level of cybercrime in general has not increased dramatically, but many threat actors have jumped at the opportunity to switch from existing lures to those relating to COVID-19.

  • Man-Padlock-DSARs

    What is the true cost of handling DSARs?


    The Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) has become synonymous with protecting individuals’ data privacy rights from misuse by public administrators and private enterprise.

  • GDPR

    Rethinking ‘Disproportionate Effort’ exemption under GDPR for web-scraping


    Can Data Controllers (web-scrapers) be exempt from the requirement to provide privacy notice if doing this is high-cost and it drains company resources? If they can, how?

  • handshake

    Stablecoins ecosystem: a promise that can be kept


    The European Parliament, on 13 September 2019, issued a note wherein it observed that the introduction of a privately governed currency (here, Libra) could fundamentally challenge the current EU financial framework, conflict with EU law and tax requirements, and violate consumer rights.

  • Coronavirus-Tracking

    Data Privacy vs Utility Fallacy


    Among the many serious challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has presented businesses and individuals alike with, a long talked about and complex discussion has also arisen once again: what is worth giving up personal privacy for?

  • GDPR Compliance

    GDPR 2 Years In: Achieving GDPR Compliance 2 Years On


    “Data is the new oil”, is a phrase we hear too often in the modern world. Organisations across the world are transacting and storing explosive amounts of data. This data includes sensitive private data belonging to their customers. 

  • Remote Working

    Remote Working: The Information Governance Challenge of the Decade


    Whilst having to adapt to a new normal, people around the world are experiencing firsthand the difficulties of working and even schooling from home. Not only are we trying to balance work and life over the long haul, but we are also frantically juggling work and life in real-time.

  • Privacy Landscape in the Middle East

    Privacy Landscape in the Middle East


    Privacy landscape in the Middle East has been flourishing in the last ten years with privacy laws and regulations emerging across the region. 

  • Contact Tracing Bluetooth

    Centralised versus decentralised contact tracing solutions


    A row has broken out between two different groups of academics on whether a centralised or decentralised system of contact tracing solution is best for preserving privacy.

  • Indian flag

    Data localisation: India’s step back from globalisation


    Data localisation is a key aspect in the Indian government’s cloud computing policy, the RBI’s mandate for financial data and the successive data protection bills that have been proposed.

  • Cybercrime

    Coronavirus quarantine and cybercrime


    The increase and global spread of cybercrime is partly linked to the amount of people being online, the increase of devices being used by each one of us and to the amount of time we spend online.

  • washing hands Implications of the Coronavirus

    Addressing Privacy and Data Security Implications of the Coronavirus


    COVID-19 arrives just as the first omnibus privacy statute in the United States, the CCPA became effective. Since its January 1 effective date, we continue to wait for finalization of the CCPA regulations and enforcement that was slated for July 1.

  • COVID-19

    GDPR: Processing of employees health data within companies


    This paper deals with how to solve data protection challenges and privacy approaches, since many companies are currently facing the question of how to deal with the personal health data of their employees.