A leading banking regulator has issued a stern warning over the risks that financial institutions face as they move to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) into governance operations.

Speaking this week, Bank of Spain Governor, Pablo Hernandez de Cos, underlined the pressing need for robust risk assessment as these emerging technologies become more commonplace.

The comments come amid continuing debate over the threats and opportunities posed by AI and ML, as industry leaders grapple with how their usage may impact upon global financial stability. Critical questions remain unanswered.

Speaking in Washington, Hernandez de Cos said:

“My main message is that the use of AI in banking raises important prudential and financial stability challenges. Left unchecked, such models could potentially amplify future banking crises.”

Mr. de Cos, who is also chair of the international Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, described how international networks between financial institutions are set to expand and strengthen in the digital era.

The trajectory puts growing responsibility on the shoulders of banks and law makers to establish baseline regulatory frameworks capable of monitoring the presence of AI and ML in the global financial ecosystem.

“When it comes to banking, it is critical that banks anticipate and oversee the risks and challenges posed by AI/ML – both at the micro and the macro level – and incorporate them in their day-to-day risk management and governance arrangements,” Mr. de Cos added.

Know the risks

The Basel Committee is preparing to release a more in-depth review of this period of digitisation, how the financial industry needs to adapt, and how supervisory measures should change as a result. The findings will have far-reaching effects for organisations at every level.

Speaking to GRC World Forums recently, corporate compliance and governance leader, Matt Kelly outlined some of the pitfalls that exist for businesses as they push to harness new tech.

“Lack of personnel who can easily navigate the IT, audit, and legal issues all coalesce into one knotty risk management problem with AI,” Kelly said.

“If you don’t have the right people on your team, or they’re not managing work in smart, efficient ways, then outside help won’t solve your problems,” he added.

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  • Awais Bajwa, Founder, CEO & Chief Technology Officer, Ophthalytics Inc

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