Mental Health Consultant

Sylvia is a mental health consultant, integrative counsellor - with additional highly specialised training – an NLP Coach and Master, educator and openly shares her mental ill-health (suicidal depression) to mental wealth experience.

She’s a former banking executive with extensive experience leading high performing teams in dynamic, pressurised environments. As a Director, HSBC, Global Banking & Markets, her globally renowned team managed a multi-billion USD portfolio. As Mental Health Network Chair, Business Disability SteeroCo member and women’s equality network committee member, she also drove forward several DEI initiatives.

Sylvia now works with various organisations, businesses, Institutes, UK Government entities to raise mental health awareness, take a practical, risk-based approach to recognising mental health as a workplace asset and create mental health confident and supportive workplaces. She’s devised three, on-line equestrian industry well-being resources, including the award winning RidersMinds, writes for various organisations, a This Can Happen Ambassador, member of Institute of Directors and has a private practice.

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Is Kindness Profitable? And The Risk of Not Being Kind

16 November 2022, 15:55 - 16:30 GMT