A survey has found 40% of consumers across the world do not trust third party organisations to protect their data.

OpenText, an information management software provider, commissioned the research, surveying 12,000 people from seven different countries.

The report found that 73% of consumers are either very aware or at least somewhat aware of the laws that protect their data and that 30% would get in touch with an organisation to see how it is using their personal data or to check if it is being stored in a compliant manner.

More than one in ten (14%) have already done so at least once.

“Beyond potential fines, any organisation that fails to comply with data privacy laws risks losing the trust of their customers,” said Andy Teichholz, senior industry strategist, compliance and legal at OpenText.

“Leaders must leverage technology that not only provides visibility into how they capture and secure data, but also allows them to respond rapidly to customers’ requests on how their personal data is being processed, collected, and used.”

OpenText commissioned the research through Google Surveys from April-May 2020, anonymously surveying 12,000 consumers across the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Canada, Australia and Singapore.