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    AT&T refutes claims of data breach


    Telecommunications company AT&T has denied claims that the personal data of 70 million of its customers were stolen by threat actor ShinyHunters. 

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    Poly Network offers job to $604m hacker


    Cryptocurrency service provider Poly Network says it is cordially inviting cyber-attacker ‘Mr White Hat’ – a term used for ethical hackers who search for vulnerabilities in organisations’ IT systems which could expose them to attacks – to be the company’s chief security advisor.

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    Client info stolen in Morgan Stanley data breach


    Personal information belonging to clients of the leading investment bank Morgan Stanley have been stolen following a data breach stemming from a vulnerability in one of its third-party IT suppliers. 

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    GRC TV Episode 4: Trust and Transparency in the Digital Space


    “Ethical Hacker” Victor Gevers discusses the cross-cultural use of Responsible Disclosure and this week’s panellists talk privacy-washing in Big Tech, and the c suite perspective of “If it’s not a fine, it’s not getting funded.”