The Quebec Commission on Access to Information (CAI) has welcomed the adoption of Bill 64, an Act to modernize legislative provisions as regards the protection of personal information.

Bill 64 updates the legal framework on the protection of personal information in Quebec, and make it possible to adapt this framework to he challenges of the digital age. 

Specifically, Bill 64 introduces a new enforcement regime which includes a maximum amount of monetary penalty at CAD 50,000 (€33,300) for individuals, and CAD 10,000,000 (€6,660,400) for businesses.

The bill will also reform private sector requirements on areas such as data breach reporting, the requirement to conduct Data Protection Impact Assessments, and the appointment of a person responsible for implementing the personal information protection measures.

“The Commission is already working to put in place the favorable conditions to fully exercise its role, including the new powers conferred on it. It has taken steps to increase its resources, one of the essential conditions for the successful and effective implementation of this law,” explained the CAI. 

Most of the provisions will come into force two years from the date of Bill 64’s assent.

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