The AI boom is playing a significant role in fueling the growth of the Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) platform market, as compliance, risk, and legal teams globally are increasingly recognizing the benefits of leveraging AI technologies in their operations.


At the same time GRC professionals are having to understand, manage and mitigate the complex web of operational, ethical, and regulatory risks associated with Generative AI.

Our events provide attendees with deep-dive content from top experts and thought leaders and create meaningful connections between GRC platform vendors and end users.

While it’s not yet clear who will ultimately oversee the GRC elements of Gen AI, it is evident from our current registrations that key leadership figures are taking proactive measures to assume responsibility.

Whether the ultimate responsibility will fall on a dedicated team, a specialized committee, or a leadership position with the necessary expertise and authority, organizations from the most regulated industries are attending our events for information, advice, and knowledge sharing.

Yes, AI is a ‘game-changer’, but the risks of Gen AI models are significant and consequential, join us in 2024.

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