The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is serving as a driving force to digital transformation in Brazil, as firms harness the power of new technologies to gain competitive edge.

Digital Transformation

The assessment comes as a result of a report conducted by ISG Provider Lens into how enterprises in the South American country are moving forwards with customer experience, virtual collaboration and AI-powered predictive capabilities under tough, changing conditions.

Digital transformation by Brazilian companies has rapidly advanced from concept to execution in recent years, especially as enterprises have pivoted to cope with the effects of the coronavirus, industry experts note.

The socio-economic stresses have contributed considerably to pressures on enterprises in the country to choose, execute and scale digitisation solutions, especially as both technology and requirements of the pandemic began to evolve faster than most organisations.

Many have been changed to reposition themselves as a result, shifting their focus to deal with new market realities and rapidly developing expectations among customers and workforces alike.

Jan Erik Aase, partner and global leader, ISG Provider Lens Research, said:

“Digital transformation demands resilience and focus on customer value. The perception regarding a company’s digital maturity may contribute to its growth and success.

“Not all Brazilian companies attempting to quickly follow trends have achieved the same results,” Aase added.

“This points to the importance of engaging with service and solution partners, such as specialised consultants, that have a broad and detailed technology portfolio and extensive experience in change management,” Aase continued.

Under the changing conditions of the past year, contactless customer service solutions, virtual interactions between employees and partners and the use of AI to predict supply-chain disruptions were among the hottest topics for enterprises in Brazil, the report says.

The rapid growth of e-commerce during the pandemic made sales and logistics requirements increasingly complex. Companies sought service providers with expertise in process digitalisation, automated data analysis, storage and distribution automation and delivery operations.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations have also emerged as an important focus for Brazilian firms. Many are working to improve their transparency, ethics, integrity and especially sustainability, driven in part by decisions by investment funds to prioritize ESG performance. Along the way, companies have been remodelling their approaches to raw materials, manufacturing, distribution and recycling to create a circular supply chain.

Around the world, including in Brazil, digital transformation has become the pathway to success across industries, allowing organisations to become more agile and competitive, according to ISG.

New technologies have improved companies’ design, production, sales, supply chain and human resources processes and enabled better customer experiences that have boosted the bottom line.