At PrivSec Data Protection & Infrastructure, a panel of experts explored how companies leverage data flows to conduct everyday operations, as well examining long term solutions for privacy and data flows. 

Leading this session Ivana Bartoletti, Technical Director, Deloitte, & Founder, Women Leading in AI Network, emphasised the importance of protecting privacy whilst ensuring data flows saying:

”There’s been lot of anxiety around the data protection and privacy issue, but now it seems that we are coming to some sort of agreement.”

Ivana went on to explain that data sharing has a lot do with politics, and thus any long term solutions needs to not be just legal and technical but also political. 

One point made very clear during the panel was the importance of collaboration and communication. Carlo Vreugde, Data Protection Manager, Netherlands Government said:

“As a DPO there’s a lot of privacy issues to work on, but there are loads of technicalities and working with the Chief Information Security Office is necessary. Talking one another to see what other tools are available.”

When asked what were his predictions were for the future of privacy and data flows, Carlo said: 

“I am hoping we can finally see some sort of agreement between the UK and the US and continue to work with the big tech companies to facilitate transparency with our consumers.”