Head of Security Management & Assurance, Legal & General

Cameron is a cybersecurity professional who has experience of working in the insurance and defence sectors. Despite the obvious focus on cybersecurity, risk management has been a core theme throughout his career to date which has had many manifestations, be it through designing a number of bespoke risk management approaches, or supporting the incident response activity associated with a highly-publicised security breach. Cameron currently works as the Head of Security Management and Assurance at Legal and General, leading its internal and external security assurance teams. Cameron is also a serving Officer in the Army Reserve and a member of the Bank of England’s Cyber Coordination Group.

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My Sessions

Cyber Threat Landscape: Reviewing 2022 and Looking Ahead to 2023

16 November 2022, 16:05 - 16:50 GMT

Developing a Culture of Transparency to Improve Stakeholder Trust

17 November 2022, 15:25 - 16:00 GMT